random thoughts- computing , end of moores law, etc etc

This is indeed an interesting time in the history of computing.  Moore’s Law is coming to an end -perhaps sooner than expected- thanks to finite speed of light and atomic nature of matter and growing demand of performance. Its rise and rise and rise of heterogeneous computing! But are we prepared to handle such hetergeneous systems?

At the same time we are witnessing an era in which worldwide data is growing at a rate of 40 percent per year. An era when Big data is dominating better Algorithm.   

now these are two contrasting situations: More performance to process Big Data Vs Ending Moores’ Law

How we are going to tackle this problem then?  

Quantum computing!  Its time to encourage your children for a career in pure science and maths rather than engineering!!

I hope I am alive  in the year 2020 to see how do I write my “hello world”  programs !